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Scan for Conficker with Nmap 4.85 beta5 Gentoo ebuild

March 31st, 2009

On Monday Dan Kaminsky, along with the Honeynet Project’s Tillmann Werner and Felix Lede announced they discovered the ability to detect if a machine is infected with the Conficker worm by scanning a network. See Dan’s post for more information. Shortly thereafter, version 4.85BETA5 of the nmap tool was released to allow remote scanning for the Conficker worm.

As April 1st is just a few hours away (I guess it’s already here in some parts of the world), I wanted to scan my network using the latest version of the nmap tool. As Gentoo doesn’t have an ebuild yet, I quickly created one and thought I’d share it.

This file contains everything you need:
Nmap 4.85BETA5 ebuild

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DKIM and DomainKeys for qmail

March 19th, 2009

DomainKeys and its successor DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) are technologies that allow organizations to take responsibility for a message. This is done by cryptographically signing an email as it leaves an organization in route to its destination. The signature can be verified using the DNS system to establish trust. In theory the technologies help cut down on spam by proving a message originated from the domain it says it does.

Support for DomainKeys in qmail has existed for a while thanks to a patch by Russel Nelson. Kyle Wheeler created a set of wrapper scripts that can be used to provide support for DKIM and DomainKeys. Mihai Secasiu has some wrapper scripts similar to Kyle’s that provide support for DKIM via the libdkim library instead of Perl’s Mail::DKIM module.

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