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My first blog post

February 8th, 2009

I’ve decided to start a blog as an easy way to jot down thoughts and instructions on the various topics I come in to contact with everyday.  Perhaps as a direct result of Google and the vast amount of information available using only a few keystrokes, I’ve become very lazy in documenting the reasons behind some of what I do.  I’ve always been very deliberate in documenting code, but outside of that I write down very little.

Take Gentoo for example.  Gentoo is the best linux distribution for keeping up-to-date and tinkering (as well as anything else geek related).  But we all know the most painful part of Gentoo is setting it up.  The installation docs are great, and it’s relatively simple to get your 2nd Gentoo installation up and running in less than an hour, but the little things are a different story.  How did I get the back/forward buttons on my mouse to work in Firefox?  A year ago, why did I insist that I get a nVidia graphics card for running compiz on two monitors?  Sure I can use Google to search for howtos but the howtos never seem to cover my exact situation.  The loss of Gentoo’s unofficial wiki sure doesn’t help either.

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