Gentoo Overlay

April 15th, 2009

I have set up a portage overlay where I can easily share some of the ebuilds I discuss on this blog. Right now my overlay is fairly small and random, but I will continue to update it as the need arises. Below are instructions on how to access the overlay. Feel free to leave me any comments, suggestions or bugs on this page.

Subversion repository
Path gentoo_overlay

Adding the overlay

The easiest way to add the overlay is to use layman. My overlay is not in the official layman list of overlays, however, so you will have to manually add my overlay to layman. To do this, edit the overlays section of your /etc/layman/layman.cfg file and add my overlay list:

Now you can add my overlay with layman:

# First we need to list the overlays – this reads the layman-list file
$ sudo layman -L
# Now we add the overlay
$ sudo layman -a

Using the overlay

All of the packages in my overlay use keywords ~x86 ~amd64 (unstable). Therefore, unless you accept ~x86 or ~amd64 keywords system-wide, you will need to add any packages you want to use to the /etc/portage/package.keywords file. See the gentoo manual for more information.

I try to submit my ebuilds to Gentoo whenever I think they are ready. As I’m not a Gentoo dev, it can take a while for a new ebuild to appear in the official portage tree, often years! I’ve been trying to submit ebuilds to the Gentoo Sunrise Overlay as well, however it is sometimes hard to get them reviewed. Thus I’ve set up this overlay as an easier way to access ebuilds between my various machine and share them with the world in the process.

Updating the overlay

Unfortunately, the overlay will not be updated when you perform an emerge --sync, however you can update all of your layman overlays with:

$ layman -S
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